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Ikigai is a philosophy, originating in the Japanese Okinawa islands – a “blue zone”.
Ikigai translates to the reason for being, why we get up in the morning, passion and purpose.
It is where our journey began and it is the essence of everything we do at IKIGAI Global.

Our story

IKIGAI Global was created from the vision of founder, Johannes, who wanted to create an authentic online platform that represented the best of luxury Health + Wellness. Since our inception in 2017, we have grown into an established, engaged international collective that takes a holistic approach to living.


We promote a mindful approach to consumerism, and strive to build meaningful connections between our brands, customers, contributors and the wider members of our IKIGAI community. Mass consumerism and forgettable fads have no place here; we’ve built our values around truth, integrity and trust.


We don’t compromise on performance or aesthetics because we, like you, want to feel good, look good, and do good. Health + Wellness is filled with conflicting and confusing information, and a plethora of over-marketed products that often disappoint. IKIGAI exists to counter all that; a platform you can believe in wholeheartedly, founded on authenticity, transparency, facts and figures.


IKIGAI Global is positioned at the forefront of Health + Wellness and, with our experts, writers and opinion leaders contributing from all over the world, we are able to offer a uniquely curated and vetted selection of products and content, encouraging our community along in their own Health + Wellness journeys, and helping them to find their own ‘ikigai’.


Our experts

We have partnered with independent Thought Leaders, Opinion Leaders and Contributors from around the world, all of whom are respected as leaders in their fields, to help us fulfil our commitment to authenticity, truth, fact and figures. Our own cross-panel of internationally renowned experts all endorse IKIGAI as an online Health + Wellness destination, and our network of diverse contributors allow us to explore and report on the entire Health + Wellness spectrum.

Our brands and products

After long discussions with their like-minded founders, we are able to advocate each brand we work with because they are aligned with IKIGAI’s vision and values. All are human-sized companies that strive to be sustainable and are still spearheaded by their original founders.


We have selected them according to the IKIGAI standard check list: ingredients, raw materials, sourcing, production process, working conditions, packaging, distribution process and their commitment of the founders to a fully transparent supply chain.


The selection will evolve as we continue to curate and vet our product collection in line with both our vision and values, and the needs of our IKIGAI community.

Our commitment to giving back

As part of our commitment to giving back, we are members of the 1% for the Planet scheme, which allows every purchase through IKIGAI to directly contribute to a positive impact on the planet. 1% for the Planet ensure that contributions go to a vetted, trusted nonprofit, and we have chosen to specifically support Coral Guardian – a nonprofit international solidarity organisation that are dedicated to the conservation of coral reefs all over the globe.


We are also committed to developing a number of further initiatives to make sure our impact on our planet is a positive one, and we align ourselves with brands that do the same.