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IKIGAI’s contributors are on the trail of the latest in Health + Wellness facts, figures and finds. Our articles explore the entire wellbeing spectrum, be it spirituality, exercise, self care, nutrition or sex; if it has an impact on health and happiness, we have it covered.

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A naturopath’s thoughts on fasting

Apr 08

Naturopath and co-founder of Ancient + Brave (one of IKIGAI’s favourite Health + Wellness brands), Annelie Whitfield, shares her thoughts on the benefits of fasting, which reach well beyond the realms of fad diets.

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Articles, Latest, Lifestyle

Seven expert fitness secrets

Mar 25

What are the key hacks that keep the world’s top trainers at the top of their game? From mantras to matcha, IKIGAI Global’s fitness experts share their wisdom on working out the right way.

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