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Axelle Tessandier

A conversation with the inspirational digital consultant,
yogi and health-conscious, engaged French citizen.

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Tell us a little a bit about yourself…
I’m French by birth, an entrepreneur at heart, after six years in Silicon Valley where I launched my company, I came back to France to drive change in politics and committed myself to leading the digital communication presidential campaign for Emmanuel Macron. Following his victory, I’m still as strongly committed to making positive change and impact. Today I’m a speaker and consultant on leading the digital revolution and managing innovation from the inside out. I’m also a yogi, vegetarian and a health-conscious, engaged citizen.
Where do you call home ?
France, right now.

Photo credits: en-marche.fr

Who or what do you turn to when you have had a bad day ?
Music, and yoga. And I don’t fight the feeling, I allow it to exist, a bad day doesn’t mean a bad life.
Tell us about your Health + Wellness journey...
In 2008, after a very challenging period of my life, I was lost, and I went to a yoga studio just to give it a try. At the end of the hour my mood had shifted and my spirit was full of light.
Where is your favorite Health + Wellness destination ?
Anywhere and everywhere. For me life really is about the journey, with oneself. You travel with yourself. You grow along the way. If you feel good, you feel at home.
What is your Health + Wellness routine ?
Every morning I start the day by writing 750 words in my journal.
Meditation, yoga or sport are also important – I could not live without them.

Exercise – dance, yoga, walking – something active that keeps the body and mind flowing.
Nutrition – Vegetarian.
Spirituality – I am spiritual but not religious. Lot of questions, not many answers.
I believe in the law of attraction. What you put out into the world is what you will receive.You attract what you are, not what you want.

Photo credits: lopinion.fr

What’s your devilish indulgence ?
What’s your favourite yoga position ?
The tree, making me feel super grounded and aligned.
What makes you laugh ?
So many things.
Axelle Tessandier Ikigai Interviews 3

Photo credits: gala.fr

What do you fear ?
Many things, but courage is the key, do not let your fear drive your life.
How do you find serenity ?
Meditation helps but I’m not sure that I am a serene person. I keep trying to find meaning and purpose in what I am doing – I cherish the moments that I find it.
What is it about IKIGAI Global that appeals to you ?
Make people more connected to themselves. To change the world, you have to start by yourself, but its great to have a platform and community where we can have more impact and a voice. The most important global revolutions always start from inside.
Do you have a quote / song / painting / photograph / or yoga position that you would like to share ?
Text – What is education for? by David Orr.
Song – Smiley faces by Gnarls Barkley.
Quote  – I love and live by this quote:

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

What is the one book that has helped you discover your path and yourself ?
I wrote my first book last year and it was such an interesting process, it makes me think a lot about my path, who I was. The writing process is such an amazing way to learn about ourselves: Une Marcheuse en Campagne
What has been the hardest thing to accept ?
Not controlling everything.
How, what and why have you changed over the last 10 years ?
I changed my job many times, the city I lived in several times, I went through difficult times and it made me grow. I think the key evolution of the last 10 years was to try and love myself a bit more. I learnt to trust myself and my instinct, always.

I became aware of what I wanted and to accept that it’s OK to want it and go for it.

Freedom is the path to meaning and happiness for me, and I will never force myself to “fit in”. Our singularity and our differences are what we should cultivate the most and, ironically, it’s always what we hide when we are children because we just want to be like everyone else… Growing up you realise it’s the differences that are beautiful.

And last but not least, in my humble opinion, the key to success is being authentic, genuine and real.

What do you do to make the world a better / more sustainable place ?
Like the mantra of IKIGAI Global I try to inform, inspire and empower people with my values and experiences, and to be involved in projects that make the world a better place. From a more pragmatic angle: I am vegetarian and I don’t drive!
Do you have a good luck charm ?
I have a lucky number (9).
Who inspires you ?
Everybody can inspire me. Everything does inspire me.  Especially the people that are very different from myself. And artists and their creations.
What is your mantra ?
To be nobody but yourself — to be engaged night and day in making the world a better place – to be, and connect with, everyone – we are all one people – to fight, and never ever, ever give up.
And finally, what is your ikigai ?
Making an impact, trying to make this planet a better place, make people believe in themselves, build projects that matter, learn from others, share what I learn.
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