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Petra Palumbo

We interview Petra Palumbo, a sustainable print-maker producing long-lasting, high quality products in the Scottish Highlands.

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Tell us a little bit about yourself ...

I am a trained screen-printer. I recently launched my namesake brand producing sustainable, printed home accessories, such as napkins, placemats, table runners and carefully sourced vintage accessories. Colour, texture and abstraction play a large role in my designs.

Do you have a nickname ?

Peggy – my siblings have always called me that.

Where do you call home ?

The Scottish Highlands and London.

What defines home for you ?

Home is being with my family and friends.

Who or what do you turn to when you have had a bad day ?

My husband and a glass of wine or two (or three…)

Tell us about your Health + Wellness journey ?

I’ve become more conscious of my health in the last couple of years, I guess that’s part of growing up and realising your body doesn’t respond and react as well as it once did.

Where is your favourite Health + Wellness destination ?

My parents’ farm house in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western Pennsylvania – it’s very remote and quite hard to get to, which adds to the beauty of it.

What's been your best Health + Wellness experience ?

Yoga in the morning at home in Scotland. We are so lucky to live directly opposite a very wide, free flowing river which has a special energy.

What is your Health + Wellness routine ?

Exercise: Pilates, yoga and lots of walking.

Nutrition: Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, pasta, tea – we try to eat organic as much as possible.

Spirituality: I think having a healthy state of mind and practising mindfulness is a form of spirituality.

What are your favourite Health + Wellness essentials ?

Beauty: Eve Lom everything!

Nutrition: There’s not much sun where we live so it’s important to for me to supplement my diet with vitamin D.

Athleisure wear: An old t-shirt and tracksuit!

What's your go-to health food ?

My recent go-to health food is fresh fruit compote for breakfast with nuts.

What's your devilish indulgence ?


What's your favourite yoga position ?

Downward dog.

What makes you laugh ?

My pugs.

What do you fear ?


How do you find serenity ?

Going on long walks along the river or up the Glen with friends, being surrounded by beautiful art, architecture and design, and interesting people.

What is it about IKIGAI Global that appeals to you ?

I love its philosophy and mission to spread positivity and wellness.

What is the one book that has helped you discover your path and yourself ?

I am a hoarder so reading about Marie Kondo’s organisational laws and philosophy in The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organising, where she discusses everything from how to fold your clothes to how to organise by category, but her tenets can be applied to how you should approach and organise every facet of your life. It’s brilliant.

What has been the hardest thing to accept ?

I’m always going to be fearful of losing loved ones.

What do you do to make the world a more sustainable place ?

Being a conscious consumer (as much as possible) and designing for longevity by creating beautiful, visually inspiring and high-quality home accessories that you will desire, want to keep, look after and that will improve with age. Within a culture of rapidly changing tastes and trends, I believe my role is to create lasting relationships between people and products, whilst treading as lightly as possible on earth.

Will you share a song with us ?

Red Eyes by The War on Drugs.

What is your mantra ?

Be kind, be humble, be brave.

Who or what inspires you ?

My Father. People with passion and drive. Independent thinkers with an open-mind and interesting ideas. Also, great artists and designers who furthered their practice through textile design, such as Henry Moore and Alexander Girard.

And finally, what is your ikigai ?

My family, friends and print-making.
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